Engineering Tools

Somta: Twist drills, reamers, slot drills, end mills, centre drills, double ended drills, hand and machine threading taps, die nuts, etc.

Few: Hand and machine taps, die nuts, slot drills, end mills, threading taps, die nuts, etc.

Jacobs, Metabo, Rohm: Drill chuks.

Mitutoyo: Precision measuring micrometers, vernier callipers, depth gauges, height gauges, etc.

Iscar, Pilot, Seco, Mitsubishi: Carbide inserts.

Full range: Lathe turning tip holders, brazed tip tools, milling cutters, rose cutters, slitting saws.

Other makes: Lathe chucks milling machine vices, collet chucks, long series twist drills, machine attachments, clamping kits, clamping elements, engineers square, scribers, engineers marking blue in spray can and paste, etc.

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